The team

In these times of dynamic development, shifting economies all over the world, and environmental challenges and opportunities developing fast, it became necessary to create a new model for collaboration that could adapt organically to the new business environment.

With collective awareness, we have assembled a team to facilitate projects, certify members, and guide sustainability strategy for the GreenSource Network.

Tad Simmons, BScE MBA

Tad has spent 12 years researching environmental technology and development, has 7 years experience as an electrical engineer and technical lead at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) in San Diego, 3 years experience in solar energy sales, and 2 years experience as an independent engineering and business management consultant. Mr. Simmons has a BS degree in electrical engineering and an MBA, as well as a certificate in Global Business Management obtained at SAIC.

Mr. Simmons is Chairman of the San Diego Section of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and is a past member of the Capital Formation committee of the San Diego CleanTECH trade association established by CONNECT in San Diego.

Mr. Simmons’ primary commitment with this firm is to advance sustainable development in unprecedented and far-reaching ways through the successful growth of new ventures.

Have a look at Tad's blog: Sustainable World.

Dan Noble, BS (Biology)

Dan's background is in molecular biology (1968-1985) and integrating science & consciousness research with education, business and public policy and projects (1968-present). He has applied these interests and experience toward helping build a more environmentally and socially sustainable world. His focus is integrated market research, business strategy, and market channel development in water, organics, renewable energy enterprises, or "integrated utility investment and management." As an adviser or principal he builds product lines and companies that enhance long-term water and biological resource health and that profitably integrate watershed and airshed processes.


  • Market Research w/ Brand Identity Focus
  • Market Channel Development in Public/Private Resource Markets
  • Integrated Physical-Chemical-Biological Technology
  • Integrated Business Strategy and Management Systems
  • Leadership Growth and Transformation

Barbara Burton

Barbara is a published author and speaker whose work focuses on ethics, branding, and the social responsibility of the corporation. Barbara has presented leadership training to CEOs and managers on how to introduce the CSR (corporate social responsibility) model in the corporate setting, including the AA1000 or stakeholder dialogue method and associated case studies.

Barbara was the only US graduate of a year-long course on conducting social audits, sponsored by the Institute of Social and Ethical AccountAbility and the New Economics Foundation in London in June 2001, and she received accreditation in special courses during two international conferences on Social and Ethical Accounting, Auditing and Reporting in the Netherlands (1997) and Denmark (1999). She has attended and participated in numerous international conferences and was a speaker at the UN Fourth World Conference on Women (Non-Governmental Forum) in Beijing, China in 1995. She also participated in the State of the World Forum and the Society of International Development Conference in Spain in 1997, addressing such subjects as sustainability, globalization, creative leadership and the role of non-governmental organizations.

In San Diego, Barbara is a collaborator on a major research effort in conjunction with the University of San Diego on the views of CEOs on corporate social responsibility. The results address how CEOs understand and incorporate a corporate social responsibility platform in their business operations.

Prior to owning her own firm, Barbara held management and public relations positions for more than 6 years at Mentus and McQuerterGroup—two firms specializing in advertising and PR/marketing. Her experience includes marketing, corporate positioning, new business development, and implementation of strategic public relations plans for a range of high-tech, biotech and health-care clients. Capitalizing on her experience as a Registered Nurse, she provided strategic marketing support for two major San Diego-based hospital systems offering industrial medicine programs to large corporations for more than 4 years. Prior to this, at Smith Bucklin in Washington, DC, Barbara conducted a variety of strategic marketing and public relations activities for national nonprofit associations.

Barbara holds degrees in Journalism and Nursing and is a graduate of the Social and Ethical Accounting, Auditing and Reporting (SEAAR) course, sponsored by the Institute of AccountAbility and the New Economics Foundation in London.


Christine Robbins, BSIS, MS Asian Studies

Christine is a business editor/copywriter with 20+ years of professional experience, much of it gained in the fields of community association management and strategy consulting. Her extensive background in editing, writing, analysis, and administration enables her to produce documents that help her business and government clients achieve their goals—educating their audience, presenting themselves professionally, increasing sales, or enhancing productivity.

She has a bachelor's degree in International Studies from University of the Pacific in Stockton, California (including one year at Waseda University in Japan), and a master's degree in Asian Studies from San Diego State University, with a focus on political science and population policy.

Affiliations – San Diego Professional Editors Network (SD/PEN), National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE).


Bill Manning

Bill is founder of Lightspeed Imaging. He has two decades of video editing and computer integration experience, which has given him a great deal of experience working with distributed, collabroative, on-location teams.

He works with Final Cut Pro Editor, does video production including shooting, DVCAM or HD, editing, DVD authoring in DVD Studio Pro, and animation with Motion. He provides industrial and corporate video production for training, promotion, fund raising or internal use.

Through Lightspeed Imaging, Bill supports companies of all sizes and budgets whether they need a small, one camera shoot or a multi-camera, full production crew. Training, promotional and demonstration videos are his specialities, and he also provides assistance with script writing and location acquisition. He is certified with DG Fast Channel for web delivery of 15-, 30-, 60-second spots for TV or cable and he also works with NPOs for fund raising.