The Industry Groups

We work within industry groups because there is a culture specific to each industry. Various combinations comprise aspects of sustainability. We work with each industry group by connecting relevant members with client projects. As we complete projects, our collection of industry groups gives an overview of sustainability and enables us to gauge our progress.

Sustainable Landscape

Landscapes and the industry that creates and maintains them are fundamental to sustainability on earth—the way society functions, from carbon managment to the adaptation of supply-cycle thinking.

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Renewable Energy

Electricity from renewable sources provides one of the necessary ingredients that can enable us to improve our quality of life while reducing our ecological footprint.

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Finding ways to grow and harvest food sustainably without damage to the land and water is one of the main drivers of this group.

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Building & Development

Building sustainably is a multi-disciplinary endeavor. It incorporates materials, energy, design, waste disposal, recycling, measurement and evaluation, certification, and more.

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Healthcare in facilities has to do with facilities, construction, waste, energy consumption and more.

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Municipal Wastewater

Often, wastewater is recognized as separate from water sources. This industry has developed and has become very efficient, but now we are seeing interfaces with other water-related industries.

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