Step 1

Learn about the network and be sure it is something you will enjoy. Participation is part of what makes the network function, so be sure you understand the qualifications, the code of conduct and the membership agreement. If you would like to become a part of the Network, complete an application. Our membership committee will follow up with you.

Send the application to the network email address.

Here's how the GreenSource Network works for members and prospective members. It's a collaborative group of highly capable and motivated resources. It is naturally attuned to quality because of its high degree of purpose...

In other words, we care.

Step 2

You will be interviewed. Either by phone or in person, a member or two of our membership committee will review your application and business history and will talk with you to get to know you a bit. After this stage, a determination will be made regarding your acceptance into the Network.

Step 3

Join the team and begin advancing sustainability in a big way. We look forward to having you on our team(s) and hope that you will enjoy contributing to the Network. Be sure to tell your friends and colleagues about the good work we are doing!