Our work

The GreenSource Network is dedicated to the advancement of sustainability as both a new industry, and as the transformation of industry as we know it today.

Your success

We serve enterprises that are ready to optimize and develop their operations along the lines of being more green. When companies are more green, their operations become more sustainable, more efficient, more productive, and more profitable, and in our current business environment, more prolific. This is our goal. Through a variety of sustainability measures, we intend to make the companies we serve dramatically more successful.

It is the confluence of new markets that produce the real new opportunities. Consider Starbuck's and other breakthrough companies that seemingly identify new markets out of the blue. In the case of Starbuck's, they identified a place where the market desired overlapping characteristics from a product or service. Sustainability is all about overlapping. Take a look at our industry clusters and the services our members provide and you will see that this industry—or this industrial transformation—is an overlapping, integrative, multidisciplinary, and very interesting opportunity for all those who choose to embrace it.