The GreenSource Network is a collaborative group of highly capable resources.

like the rainforest, business flourishes when in an environment of an abundance of resources and connectedness. The rainforest is an adaptive system just as the GreenSource Network is an adaptive system.

We have organized a new way of working together. We have an extensive network, the members of which have a particular interest in advancing sustainability. Clients benefit from both broad networks and objective oversight. We work hard to ensure the quality of our services and the impact our results have on your success because, ultimately, your success is for us for generations to come.


What we do

We provide an array of products and professional services to help companies succeed, to help entrepreneurs build their business, and to help corporations—small or large—transform. We work on products, supply chains, business processes, promotional messaging, new programs, and sustainability solutions in general.

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Why we do it

We like sustainability. The new "green" movement in business and the consumer marketplace is good and in support of sustainability, but we're in it for more. Sustainability, as we see it, is not only an imperative for our growing society, it is fascinating. We seek nothing less than transformation to a renewing and sustainable economy creating wealth for members and their clients through clear, impactful marketing communications, sensible and exciting technology development, and sound, triple-bottom-line economics.

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Who we serve

We serve a variety of clients in a variety of fields. Because sustainability is cross-disciplinary (some say "integrative"), our members cover the gamut.

We are engineers, policy advisors, marketing consultants, video producers, copywriters, management advisors, meeting facilitators, regulations experts, and more. We work with companies in all areas of development in many industries. The only requirement we have for our clients is that they provide an interview to help us estimate their commitment and criticality to sustainable development anywhere in the world.

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